Your old records may be worth gold!

In the used vinyl market, there are many good deals… If you know how to do it.

How much are my old Pink Floyd or Bob Dylan records worth? “If you have ever asked yourself this question, or if you are a music lover on a cake and know that there is a real market for second-hand vinyl, and prices can sometimes reach crazy sums if all the conditions are met…

  • How to get started?

To start a collection you need a lot of time and a lot of cash:“The difficulty is to find the right records. Someone who has 2 million euros to invest, it will take him 5 years to find all his records.

For this, nothing beats fleas, flea markets, record stores or online platforms like eBay or Discogs, the world’s leading vinyl company. However, be careful with the reliability of the seller. Feel free to ask for photos. $15,000 The highest selling price record ever set on Discogs for Prince’s “Black Album”, a few days after his death in 2016.

  • Which discs to buy?

Above all, you have to buy records that you love and want to listen to,” advises Stéphane Aisinber. If they are music classics, they can only increase in value! “In reality, only about a hundred albums see their value increase each year by around 12%! All the first editions of the Rock classics (David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, The Beatles...) “I bought an original edition of Led Zepplin’s first album for about 700 euros some time ago,” the record store tells us,”I sold it 5 years ago for 4,000 euros, and that was the market price.

  • What is the value of my disk?

As in many fields, it is above all the law of supply and demand that gives value to a disc. Then comes the rarity of the product (the lower the number of pressed discs, the more expensive my vinyl will be). Finally, the general condition of the product, pouch and wafer, is also very important.

Once these few characteristics have been analyzed, go to the record stores and compare the prices displayed with your product. You can also visit the Discogs and Popsike sites again, which can give you a fairly accurate indication of the value of your disk. Above all, be careful because the second-hand record market is very uncertain. Thus, just after Prince‘s death last April, an edition of the singer’s “Black Album” was sold on Discogs for the incredible sum of 15,000 dollars!

  • What are the opportunities?

According to Aisinber, to find the future nuggets, you have to look for jazz and classical musicCatalogues are getting poorer and records are scarce. As for the classic, it is still unclear.

But be careful, owning a nugget does not necessarily mean that you will be able to sell it! That’s why it’s so important to like the records you buy.